Choosing IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics

IELTS Speaking Tips – Speaking test on IELTS is one of the sessions that must be carried out by each participant. For the speaking test itself there are 3 parts that must be followed. One of them is part 2 which must present something that is general and global. The test participants who will undergo will be given 2 minutes to explain and 1 minute to answer questions from the testers. Confused about the topic you want to talk about. Following are IELTS speaking tips topics that you can choose from.

Topics you can talk about are other people, like older people or people you admire. There are many things you can talk about that person, for example who he is, how long you know him, what abilities he has and why you admire him. You can mention your parents, teachers or favorite actors.

The next IELTS speaking tips can talk about places. You can talk about tourist attractions that you have visited. Starting from when you visited, memorable experiences to the reason you visited the place.

The speaking topic that you can present is experience. You can talk about your experience during an event or activity. One of them might be an event. Just tell me about the event, whether you enjoyed it or not. To be able to make it different, you can tell about the moment of tasting a new dish.

IELTS speaking the next tips can talk about feeling or feeling. Even this one topic is rarely discussed. Maybe to be different, you can try it. One example is your feeling when you forget something. Maybe you can say what you have forgotten, the reason and express your feelings when that happens

A lot of topics used by all IELTS test participants are habits or habits. Most of them will talk about hobbies or daily habits. This is the right way, because besides you master it, you can also speak fluently. But if you want to be a little different, you can talk about books that you often read lately.

IELTS speaking tips this one can talk about your favorite things. Just explain, why you like it and how long you have it. Do not miss too, explain the usefulness of the object. Not only that, you can also explain some existing objects, such as public transportation. There are also many points that can be obtained.

The idea topic can be anything. One of them is the bright ideas that you use to get better. Just tell me how this idea can help you. For example, how you manage your finances, what ideas you use.