Coherence and Cohesion in the Ielts Writing Task

ielts writing task uses assessment of coherence and cohesion. Maybe you’ve heard about IELTS band descriptors. Descriptors are the criteria used by IELTS examiners to determine band scores from 1-9. Coherence and cohesion are included in one of the descriptors.

Coherence has the meaning of structure, namely the structure of paragraphs in the essay created. In order to get a high score, of course you must use the appropriate structure in creating an essay. Like for example an introductory structure. In the introduction, the author tells the reader what will be done or written in the essay. The introductory structure of the writing writing task can be a general statement about the topic written, a specific statement of the topic and a thesis statement or what will be written and done in the essay.

Cohesion has the meaning of flow, which is a flow like what you write in an essay. The flow shows how well one idea and another idea relates and transitions smoothly and logically. When creating an essay, you must develop idea 1 to relate to other ideas and make it look logical. Use appropriate conjunctions to make the flow of the essay look smooth.
In this case you can use pronouns and conjunctions in developing ideas. But be careful, to get a score above 7 you are not allowed to use both types of words together in one paragraph. Too often using pronouns and conjunctions will make the score of cohesion and coherence slump.

In other words, the best way to improve the ability to write essays in writing writing tasks is to increase coherence and cohesion in the form of feedback. You will write an essay well, develop ideas and combine them logically.
Coherence and cohesion are combined with the reason that if a paragraph has a good structure then the flow will run logically. The structure shows how a paragraph or essay is arranged and the flow makes the structure look logically.

In the IELTS test there are 3 important parts, namely reading, listening and writing. These three sections are combined into one to see how many band scores are worth getting. Although not easy, all of these things can be learned. The ability of basic English is not enough, there are some tips and tricks that need to be applied. IELTS questions are not made easy because of the high standards they have. This will be slightly different from the TOEFL test in college. You also need to learn many things to broaden your horizons. Because to complete an IELTS problem, it also requires good general knowledge competencies. Thus is a brief review of coherence and cohesion in the ielts writing task.