Destination Wedding Traditions

Wedding Traditions

Wedding Traditions – Destination wedding is marriage in a preferred location where we usually take vacations. Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Fiji, Hawaii and Greece are examples of wedding ideas.

Wedding Traditions

Culture, customs, and state traditions determine how to celebrate a marriage. Thus, marriage is slightly different in each country. Here are some traditions in favorite places for destination weddings.

Tradition of Bermuda Wedding Traditions of Caribbean Weddings

In the Caribbean, they serve black wedding cakes with cherries and raisins. Wedding cakes will be served with rum sauce. As for the menu, goat curry, banana chips and beef jerky are often served. Beat local drums and enchanting music throughout the night. There are many wedding gifts for a long and lasting wedding.

Wedding Traditions in Fiji

The bride’s father receives a special gift from the groom. Special gifts are usually whale teeth. Whale teeth represent the wealth and status of local people. Of course, everyone drinks kava, this favorite local drink on this charming and romantic island.

Wedding traditions in Germany

At the end of the wedding ceremony, a nicely decorated candle-lit couple in their hands. Then the couple took their first dance at the wedding reception. Waltz is often used. On the first night, parents made jokes to make it difficult for the couple.

Greek Wedding Tradition

The bride brings sugar or vines. Sugar represents a sweet life, while ivy represents eternal love. The bride also wears a yellow or red veil. The veil symbolizes fire to ward off evil. At a wedding reception, the plates were intentionally damaged by luck.

Hawaiian Wedding Traditions

Hawaiians make special floral arrangements to be used for couples. Hawaiians use the law to make bouquets of flowers. Law is a special flower garland. The ribbon defines flower necklaces for beach dresses and wedding dresses. The groom also wears a belt or belt. It is also a habit to record names of pairs in alliances.

Wedding Traditions in Italy

Nuts and seeds that are covered with sugar are sprinkled during the wedding. Walnut coated sugar represents gratitude to guests, while sown sugar symbolizes partner fertility. Italians call tradition confetti. At present, beans or seeds coated with sugar are replaced with colored paper pieces. Read also Beach Wedding Dresses

Wedding Traditions in Mexico

Beautiful ropes made of cloth tied around the bride. Beautiful ropes form an eight-figure shape. The eighth is also unlimited or unlimited.

Wedding Traditions in Puerto Rico

Minister of marriage blesses the wedding pieces for good luck. The groom gives the bride’s wedding pieces as a present. Silver and gold wedding pieces represent unity, because couples live in harmony. Marriage pieces also represent prosperity. Traditionally, husbands work while the wife takes care of the house and children. Now husband and wife share responsibility. There are thirteen wedding pieces. The last drama represents Jesus Christ.