IELTS Reading Tips: How to Improve Your Score

When it comes to IELTS reading tips, you might really want to know the secret of getting the high score on IELTS. Basically, it is closely related to your skill and when it comes to skill, all you need to do is practicing. Practices make perfect. And in this article, we have a list of essential tips to conquer the reading test in IELTS. Besides improving your reading skill, it will also improve your English in general.

Develop the skill of each question type in reading
In general, there are at least 14 different question types when it comes to the IELTS test. You need to figure out the best strategy to conquer each question. Some types of question come with answers in order but the rest are not. You will save so much time by understanding and locating the information in the first place. Most people find it hard to answer the True False No Given questions after all.

Skimming and scanning
Skimming and scanning are two methods in reading and you need to master those methods well to conquer the IELTS reading task. Skimming is a reading method that will make you get the general purpose of the content. You do not have to understand the whole meaning of each sentence but you will need to underline all keywords you might see. Meanwhile, scanning will help you to locate any information quickly. It has no relation to the passage comprehension after all.

Develop the reading speed
You have a very limited time to finish your IELTS and this is why you need to manage your time properly so you can finish the test just in time. On the other hand, this rule will challenge your skill to read in a speedy mode but you need to find the right answers in no time. It means that you need to be able to scan the material quickly so you can locate any information in it.

Don’t try to understand the full passage
When it comes to reading test in IELTS, your task is only locating the answers. You do not need to. Most questions in the reading test are testing your ability to find where the information is. There are two types of question in the reading test. The first type is those that require a detail and the rest is just based on the information location.

Each question shows you different keyword and this is the thing you can use to locate the information in the reading material then you can find the right answer. You must learn how to spot the words and then use those all correctly. You may also need to check if the keywords are able to be paraphrased.
This thing indeed needs practices just like the skill. While taking the reading lessons, you may review your answer. The keywords could be obvious but you may also find the subtext ones. Also, make sure you do not have grammar error when you take IELTS general.