The Language Skill Distributions in the IELTS Test

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an evaluation method for your four English skills; they are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The total period of time is 2 hours and 44 minutes plus the interval time.
Although there are generally 2 types of IELTS test, they are IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training tests. Even the listening and speaking tests are still the same for those two versions. Meanwhile, the reading and writing sections are only intended for the IELTS for academic purposes.
So, how is the format or the component distributions of the four skills in the IELTS test? Here is the explanation.

IELTS Listening
You need to listen to 4 sets of recording and then answer the questions given. The native speakers are used for the recording with the total duration of 30 minutes. In recording 1, you listen to the dialog with the daily context. Meanwhile, in recording 2, there is the daily monolog in a social context. An example is the monolog of a certain condition or situation in a particular area.
In recording 3, there is a conversation between 2 people or more placed in the training or educational context. Particularly for the IELTS academic, the situation is set between the teacher and students. Lastly, there is recording 4 with a monolog with an academic subject.

IELTS Reading
The components of the reading test consist of 40 questions. The questions come from many topics and themes to test your skills in reading management. The purposes of the task are to find the implied messages, main ideas, opinions, responses, and purposes of the authors.
There are mainly 2 types of task available in the reading section. First, it is the reading test for the academic module. It consists of 3 long texts with descriptive, factual, and analytical characteristics. The texts are quoted from the newspapers, magazines, books, and journals. Or in other words, they are the authentic materials.
Meanwhile, for the general training module, the texts are also quoted from the same sources. But the topics tend to be different from the academic modules. The general training module tends to have certain topics related to daily and social contexts.

IELTS Writing
The IELTS test for writing; you may do 2 types of the task. The first task asks you to describe and explain the table, diagram, or graphics. Make sure to explain all the things accurately based on the data. On the other hand, the second task asks you to write down an essay as a response or argument regarding a particular topic or problem. Make sure to use the formal language style.

IELTS Speaking
In the IELTS speaking test, your speaking ability is recorded and assessed in three parts. First, you are asked all things related to yourself including the family, home, job, interest, study, and more with the time duration of around 5 minutes. Second, there is a card given with a certain topic. Make sure to talk about the topic for around 2 minutes accurately. You should not worry; there is one additional minute in the beginning for the preparation.