What Must Be Prepared Before Joining the IELTS General Test

IELTS General – The difference between general and academic ielts lies in the level of difficulty faced by participants, especially in reading and writing. These two elements are more complex in academic tests. Because the purpose of following him is to attend an education program in a country that uses English as an introduction. While general ielts are intended for those who want to stay in an English-speaking country.

Those of you who have never taken a general or academic ielts test usually feel anxious. Will you be able to reach the standard score later? What if it fails? In order not to experience the events that you are worried about, some preparations must be done.

Get to Know Your Basic Abilities
There are four elements that will be assessed by those of you who take this general test. These elements are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Now, from those four elements, which one do you master the most? Usually, people who are used to listening will be quite fluent as well as speaking practice. While people who are accustomed to writing are generally very smooth with the practice of reading. But sometimes the formula isn’t always right. It could be that there is only one skill that is best, for example reading. From there you can ripen again so that when the test in the reading section can be maximized later. But on the contrary, the weakest elements you have to increase.

Follow Online Simulation
Fortunately, many ielts test simulation models are provided. You only need to choose the right simulation model. But do not be happy with the results of the simulation, especially when you have memorized the model of the question because it is often found. It is important to take a general ielts simulation so that the class when taking the original test is not nervous or confused.

What will be done from the online test simulation model? All types of questions with special standards that will measure the ability of the general or academic ielts. During the simulation test, don’t do it carelessly. That is, follow all the rules including the duration of time so that later the results can be a benchmark for your ielts ability.

Time Range Before Test
Avoid taking the test suddenly. In fact, most test participants do not prepare well because they often register at a tight time. Many reasons such as forgetting that it is a condition of a procedure that will be followed, or it could be because there is no fee to register. We recommend that you plan the right timeframe. Ideally, you can prepare yourself before the test for about 30 days or approximately 2 weeks.

Focus Test Preparation
Are you waiting for the general ielts test schedule to mean that you have to focus continuously on learning and thinking about how to succeed? Not like that. Instead you have to be more relaxed but not ignore the learning method. There are many variations of learning that you can do such as reading material, song lyrics, or movies, adjust to your interests.